The Dragon Fruit

>> A glimpse of the Dragon Fruit

         According to ancient Chinese society, Dragon Fruit is a fruit that was a blessing, then they often put the dragon fruit between two green dragon  statues on the altar table to be offered to the gods. Of the habits of Vietnamese people who embrace the culture of china
to call this fruit as Thang Loy (dragon fruit). then the British finally call this fruit called dragon fruit.

>> The dragon fruit is rich in fiber

         Fiber content on the dragon fruit is very good, reaching 0.7 to 0.9 grams per 100 grams. Fibre is needed by the body to lower cholesterol levels. In the digestive tract fibers will bind bile acids (end products of cholesterol) and then released with the feces. Thus, the higher consumption of fiber, the more bile acids and fatty acids released by the body.

            In addition to preventing cholesterol, dietary fiber on the dragon fruit is also very useful in the digestive system. Dietary fiber (dietary fiber) are able to shorten transit time, ie the time it takes food from the oral cavity until the leftovers issued in the form of feces.

           Meanwhile, food fiber will bind carcinogenic substances. Thanks to the short transit time, settling time of carcinogenic substances in the body is also getting shorter, so that the smaller the chance of bodily harm (Goldberg, 1994).

          Dietary fiber is very good for preventing diabetes mellitus, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, fiber consumption in Indonesia is still very low, about 10 grams per person per day. In fact, the recommended dietary fiber intake is 20-30 grams per person per day.

>> Efficacy Dragon Fruit

> Smooth Skin

           According to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yusuf experts of traditional Chinese medicine, in Chinese culture the dragon fruit is believed to smooth the skin look more beautiful, but it is not used to treat deadly diseases such as cancer or heart disease. Dragon fruit to combat the heat in because it is cool.

> Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

           By eating a red dragon fruit (250 grams) every morning and evening for eight consecutive days will lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. During eating dragon fruit should be patient stops taking the rice because rice is a source of sugar for diabetics.

> Inhibiting Growth of Tumor Cells

            Benefits of the dragon tree is not with the fruit alone but on leaves and fruit leather as well. The results of the SOLS Rosario Vargas Laboratorio de Investigation de Fitofarmacologia Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Xochimilco Mexico showed that the chloroform extract of leaves of white-fleshed dragon fruit contains compounds taraxast pentacyclic triterpene-20-ene-3a-ol and taraxast-12, 20 (30)-dien- 3a-ol. Both compounds were shown to protect the flexibility of blood vessels of rabbits. Researchers estimate the efficacy of both compounds were almost equal troxerutin one micro vascular protective drug on the market. The drug was beneficial to reduce the risk of rupture of blood vessels.

           The results of in vitro assays performed Wu Li-chen, a researcher Department of Applied Chemistry, National Chi Nan University showed that extracts of red-fleshed dragon fruit skin could potentially inhibit the growth of B16F10 tumor cells at doses of 25 grams.

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