The Tendency of Modern Lifestyle

          Modern Lifestyle increasingly implicated in the society. This phenomenon has been welcomed as a form of development progress and development of technology. However, on the other hand this trend can be detrimental, because it can increase the spread of
diseases, such as vascular disease and heart disease. In Indonesia, the disease is its ranking rose to number three killer after diarrheal diseases and respiratory diseases.

          Modernization has always improving lifestyle, habits of overeating, too much activity, heavy smoking, and lack of rest. Consequently, since the last ten years a lot of people who contracted the heart and blood vessel disease, especially people aged over 40 years. The problem is, because the older the person's age, his blood vessels more rigid, thus increasingly vulnerable to vascular disease.
In many of the world, especially in advanced societies, blood vessel disease (Cardiovascular) has long been the number one killer.

          According to data from the household health survey conducted of Research and Development Department of Health in 1986 alone, morbidity of this disease show a rise from eighth to third place since 1981 to 1986. Soedarsono and Cyrus H. Simanjuntak in a seminar in Jakarta revealed that the disease is most prevalent in the age group 55 years and over is heart disease and high blood diseases, including 15.7% of all patients who had various diseases.

          The cause of the most striking of these diseases is the wrong diet and smoking habits. The habit of smoking among the male population numbers 52.9%, while 3.6% women.In fact, research conducted in seven schools in Jakarta showed that young men have been smoking since the age of 10 years. In fact, smoking is the primary factor causing the heart and blood vessel disease.
Stress is a major causative factor after bad eating habits. Residents who live in big cities are more prone to heart disease and high blood pressure compared with the villagers. According to Prof. Dr. Boedi Darmojo of the Diponegoro University in Semarang, residents Baliem (Irian Jaya) have heart disease morbidity and blood vessels are very small. This is because they eat less fat and eat more fish and vegetables.

Keep your health, not for others but for yourself and for those we love.

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