Causes Hypertension

The factors that cause hypertension include genetic, salt, psychosocial and lifestyle.

  • Genetic
          For example the case of hypertension in twins. Incidence of hypertension is more experienced by many people monozygotic (identical) twins compared with heterozygotes. In monozygotic twins, if one has hypertension, others probably will also have hypertension.

  • Salt
          Salt is closely linked with the occurrence of high blood pressure. Disorders of blood vessels is almost not found on tribal low salt intake. If salt intake is less than 3 grams a day, hypertension prevalence rates are low, but if the intake of 5-15 grams of salt per day will increase to 15-20% prevalence

  • Psychosocial
          Stress causes high blood pressure is thought to occur due to sympathetic nerve stimulation can increase blood pressure intermittently. If prolonged, stress can make high blood pressure settled.

          Heavy smokers and alcohol drinkers also had high blood pressure risk. Although the mechanism is not known with certainty, epidemiological observations indicate that there are many habits in people with high blood pressure and heart disease. In addition, obesity is caused by lack of exercise also affects the appearance of high blood pressure. Several epidemiological studies have shown that the majority of people with high blood pressure are overweight.

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