Herb For Cardiovascular Disease


In Latin (Antidesma bunius (L.) Spreng.)


          Fruit tree, height 15-30 m. These trunked trees are spread over Southeast Asia and Australia, in Java, grows wild in the forest or planted in the yard and can be found from the lowlands to 1400 m dpi. Leaves single, short-stemmed, 9-25 cm long, slightly wavy flat edge, pointed tip, base obtuse. Young leaves light green color, having a green old age. Buni married two, flowers in bunches, out of the armpit leaves or at the end of branching. The fruit into small pieces about 1 cm long, elliptical shape is green, to purple-black biia cook sweet and slightly sour taste. Seed flat with rib-shaped nets. Young leaves taste a bit sour. The leaves by the makers of herbal medicine called mojar, usually a mixture of herbs used for health. Propagation by seed or grafting.

Herb for cardiovascular disease


Fruit buni 10 grams plus 1 / 2 handful of fresh leaves buni

  • How To Mix Ingredients

 Leaves and fruit buni boiled with 600 cc of water until boiling, then filtered and take water to drink as well.

  • How To Use

To treat heart palpitations, drink potion once every 2 days. Meanwhile, to prevent clogging cholesterol in the blood vessels can be taken once every three days, continuously or periodically on a regular basis.

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