Avoiding excess calories

           To be awake health, you should not eat foods that are too salty or sweet. If it is hungry Eat with adequate portions. Food restriction is intended to prevent excessive absorption of
calories.Caloric needs for those who are prone to vascular disease, according to age groups as follows. 

  • Age 40-59, weight 55 kg, and light activity: 2260 cal. 
    Weight 55 kg, the activities are: 2380 cal.
    Weight 55 kg, the weight of activities: 3200 cal.
  • Age 60 years. Weight 55 kg: 2100 cal.

  •    Age 40-59 years, weight 47 kg, light activity: 1,800 cal.
       Weight 47 kg, the activities are: 2150 cal.
       Weight 47 kg, the weight of activities: 2600 cal.
  • Age 60 years, weight 47 kg: 1710 cal.

          And try not to smoke. Smokers actually rather not know the dangers of smoking. However, they think more about the satisfaction in comparison to healthy living. Various studies have shown that addicts have a dominant factor of cancer and heart attacks. Ingredients in cigarette smoke are harmful to heart health is nicotine and CO (carbon). Every cigarette is burned to generate 3-6% carbon monoxide and about 0.5 mg of nicotine. CO levels in the blood of a smoker could reach 5%. This situation would lead to thickening of blood vessel walls. As a result, smokers have three times greater risk of heart disease compared with nonsmokers. Proven fact that cigarettes can cause death twice as often for those who previously had a heart attack.

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